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Course Title: How to Date in a Healthy Way
Instructor: Melanie Clark
Curriculum: 5 units, plus Syllabus and Final Exam
Time Required: 3-5 weeks
Textbooks: None.
Prerequisites: None. All students may enroll in this class.
CEU Eligibility: Students who pass an exam will earn 2 CEUs.
Course Fee: $15.00
Start Date: No waiting...Enroll now and start learning today!
What This Course Will Do for You

Have your life circumstances changed and you now find yourself back in the dating rat race? Do you always seem to be attracted to the wrong kind of person? Is your current dating strategy getting you nowhere or you simply have high standards and you've even tried online dating providers, but still can't find someone who shares the same important values? Whether you are young and just starting out in the dating game or you are recently divorced or widowed, e-learners of all ages will benefit from "How to Date in a Healthy Way," an insightful new Webversity course about dating and the search for true love.

Blending old-fashioned advice with the present-day realities of Internet dating and the increased need to be vigilant about privacy and personal safety, instructor Melanie Clark examines the fundamental obstacles that prevent many of us from being able to enjoy a lasting relationship. Each lesson of this new e-course offers thought-provoking insights and exercises designed to teach students helpful techniques for dating in a healthy way and evaluating the health of their romantic relationships. The course also gives practical, step-by-step guidelines on how to conduct your own personal inventory to discover who you are and what you want in a relationship; how to recognize why you are losing at love by clinging to people who won't commit themselves; how to make yourself more appealing to others, how to discard unhealthy relationship habits, and how to build your self-esteem in today's beauty and youth-obsessed culture.

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: Get A Life! — It sounds like a cliche, but for many people who are dating (and those who have given up on dating), getting a life of your own is a necessary step before you can ever hope to build a successful relationship with another. In this lesson, you'll learn how to perform a self-interview by asking simple questions to help you assess three important areas of your life and find out what is healthy and what areas require attention before you start dating.

Lesson 2: Sharing Your Life with the Right People — Find out who is safe and who isn't when it comes to inviting others into your romantic world. In this lesson, you will learn about "boundaries" that allow you to teach others how you want to be treated, as well as knowing when it is safe to open up and when to hold back. "Red flags" pointing to negative qualities in prospective partners that we probably should avoid will also be examined.

Lesson 3: Three Elements of a Lasting Relationship — Explore the essential elements that are necessary in any successful relationship: common interests, responsiveness, and trust. This lesson is for people who want a relationship to evolve into a complete union built on a solid foundation of friendship and trust. Your personal "World View" and how it may impact your compatibility with a partner will also be examined.

Lesson 4: The Meaning of Intimacy — Just having a sexual encounter does not add up to being intimate in a meaningful way. In this lesson, we will explore important qualities that enable prospective partners to become intimate with one other. "Intimacy busters" such as addiction to sex or porn, substance abuse, over-eating, and dishonesty will also be examined. With these insights, you'll be able to evaluate whether you or your partner are heading down the wrong road away from intimacy.

Lesson 5: What is Love? — In this final lesson, we will delve into the eternal question – what is love – and what isn't? You'll learn why some people succumb to the thinking, "It's better to have someone and be miserable than to have no one at all," and how you can replace this destructive thinking with a much more positive approach: "It is better to be single, happy and self-confident than to be in a bad relationship where I'm miserable!" The lesson also explores "love clues" or positive behaviors to look for in a dating partner with whom you might like to build a future together.

About the Course Author/Instructor

Instructor Melanie Clark began her sojourn into dating at the height of the 1960s counterculture, a generation defined by Woodstock, the sexual revolution, and a “do it if it feels good” mantra. Against this backdrop, she built a successful career as a singer/songwriter, composing more than 250 songs, including two that were recorded by the popular band, The Fifth Dimension. Her colorful background and life experiences have given her a unique perspective and rich insights into the dynamics of human relationships, which she now wants to share with others by teaching online.

"How to Date in A Healthy Way" will guide e-learners through a transformative journey to examine the underlying causes of common relationship problems and practical remedies. At the heart of the course, Melanie's sage wisdom and refreshing old-fashioned advice echoes what many of today's top motivational speakers (or your own mother) might give: “To find the love of your life, you must learn to love yourself first.”

Melanie says it took many years and painful experiences to learn the lesson of how to date in a healthy way rather than coming from a place of desperation. Today, she lives in Beaverton, Oregon, with her three cats, where she enjoys an active dating life and continues to compose music. Her song “Life is a Blessing” was used in a recent documentary on child abuse. Melanie's motto to all who are dating and looking for love: “don't settle for less when you deserve the best!”

How to Participate in this Course

The course curriculum will include tutorial lessons, suggested readings, and homework activities. If you are taking the course for personal enjoyment or self-enrichment, homework is optional but you are encouraged to take part in suggested class activities to derive optimum benefit from the course. Homework projects, if completed satisfactorily, will earn Extra Credit points. These points will be added to your Final Exam score and may increase the overall grade you earn in the course.

There are no formal class meetings, so you do not have to be online at any set time. You can study and complete assignments at your convenience.

Plan to devote 3-5 hours a week to class assignments and study. The benefit that you will receive from this online class will be proportionate to the time and effort you invest. Students who approach online learning as an adventure, make an effort to keep up with the curriculum and interact with classmates on the discussion forum will enjoy the greatest opportunity for knowledge and personal growth.

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