Everyone has ancestors and many of us can't help but wonder about our roots. Who are our forgotten forebears and where did they live? This fascinating course helps budding genealogists unlock the hidden secrets that until now have been lost in time. Easy-to-follow lessons provide a gentle introduction to genealogy and reveal the who, what, where, why and how of this intriguing and enormously popular subject. The course will familiarize novices with the steps of scholarly genealogical research into their family history and explain how to tap online resources, locate and evaluate records, organize research materials, and how to share your findings with others in the genealogical community.
Curriculum: 5 week course. No prerequisites. All students may enroll in this course.
Textbook: The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy (Third Edition, January 2000) by Val D. Greenwood is suggested (but not required) for this course. Click for convenient online ordering.