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Course Title: Young Adult Novel Writing for Beginners
Instructor: Candace Ganger
Curriculum: 8 units, plus Syllabus and Final Exam
Time Required: 4-6 weeks
Textbooks: None.
Prerequisites: None. All students may enroll in this class
CEU Eligibility: Students who pass an exam will earn 2 CEUs
Course Fee: $20.00
Start Date: No waiting...Enroll now and start learning today!
What This Course Will Do for You

Some of the hottest novels on the market today, such as the Twilight saga, and some of the most memorable classics like The Catcher in the Rye are in the Young Adult genre. Learn how to write successfully in this genre with this short course led by YA author and daily blogger Candace Ganger. The course is designed to help budding novelists create a submission-ready YA manuscript one step at a time.

For the writer who still remembers what those butterflies, first kisses and high school memories were all about, this detailed course on Young Adult Novel Writing for Beginners is a fast-track to the creative process, from initial brainstorming to finding the perfect agent.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be well on their way to having a polished manuscript and query letter ready for agent submission, and will also possess the tools necessary to write the next YA bestseller.

Students who have completed this course should be able to:

  • Dissect between YA genres and choose the one best suited to a writer's interests and talents
  • Brainstorm multiple ideas and expand them into potential storylines
  • Create an effective outline in three easy steps
  • Discover the seven story building basics including POV, voice, tense, names, character development, plot and setting
  • Create a great first page with a killer hook that will leave the reader wanting more
  • Complete the first draft of a Young Adult manuscript
  • Format the manuscript according to industry standards
  • Revise the first draft in four easy steps
  • Find a community of other YA writers and beta readers
  • Craft the perfect query letter
  • Find the perfect agent
  • Prepare for rejection, the right way
About the Author/Instructor
Candace Ganger is a freelance copy editor, stay-at-home mother of one tenacious princess and avid blogger whose articles have been featured on various websites including Phys Org, Shopping Nanny, Quick Books Pro, and others. She is a winner of the 2010 Sourcebooks/Teenfire Writing Competition and has written an edgy Youn Adult novel she's shopping to agents while working on the next one.

Prior to pursuing a career in writing, Candace worked for five years as a musician, publicist and small town socialite. These experiences provide the inspiration for stories, both fiction and real. She is an avid supporter of the nonprofit groups TWLOHA, which provides support for individuals struggling with depression, addiction and self-injury, and, a site dedicated to global empowerment of women and children through micro-loans. When she's not covered in peanut butter and toddler stickers, she enjoys reading, writing, and all things rock n' roll.

Lesson Plan
Syllabus: Getting Started (Course Syllabus)

Unit 1: Overview of the YA Phenomenon

Unit 2: Outlining 101

Unit 3: Story Building Basics

Unit 4: How to Hook an Audience with a Killer First Page

Unit 5: First Draft to Revision

Unit 6: R is for Revision

Unit 7: Query Writing Basics, Agents and Rejections

Unit 8: Generating Buzz

Unit 9: Final Exam

How to Participate in this Course

Enroll and start learning today! All course materials will be available when you start the class, so you don't have to wait for weekly lessons and you can truly learn at your own pace. You don't have to be online at any set time; study at your leisure from the comfort or your home or office.

The course curriculum will include tutorial lessons, suggested readings, and optional homework activities. If you are taking the class for enjoyment or self-enrichment, homework is optional but participation is encouraged. Students who approach online learning as an adventure and actively participate will derive the most benefit and enjoyment from online learning. Homework projects, if completed satisfactorily, will earn Extra Credit points which will be added to your Final Exam score and may increase the overall grade you earn in the course.

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