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Grant Writing 101

[enroll] This course gives a jump start to writers looking to develop their skills in the rewarding field of grant writing. Mentored by Dr. Linda Sapp-Cox, an expert with 50 years experience in grant writing and nonprofit management, students will learn how to research funding sources, understand the grant application and write a winning proposal. The course includes a primer on how to create a nonprofit corporation and the forms needed to apply for tax-exempt status.

Your Screenwriting Career

[enroll] Taught by screenwriter and multi-book author Skip Press, this course provides an inside view of the screenwriting business. The course examines industry trends, historical perspectives and the basic structure of a screenplay. Skip Press has taught this course to thousands of writers through college extension programs for 20 years.

Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography

[enroll] Learn how to use your digital camera and take better landscape, wildlife, people and close-up photos in this roll-up-your-sleeves class. Photographer Ron Kness shares tricks of the trade, walking students through the steps of how to shoot crisp images every time. From close-ups to panoramas, you'll get expert tips on how to set up your camera so you can't go wrong.

Introduction to Personal Journaling

[enroll]  We all have wonderful stories to tell - a first kiss, a funny anecdote, life-changing moments, long-guarded secrets. Learn how to write a personal journal about the people, places and events that have left an imprint on your life. Journaling is a powerful catalyst for working through problems, healing relationships and gaining new insights into present circumstances. It is also one of the best and least expensive ways to get to know yourself! Mentored by London-based holistic instructor Callie Carling.

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Recent Additions to Our Course Catalog

Christology: The Essence and Nature of Jesus Christ

[enroll] Enrich your understanding of the essence and nature of Jesus Christ in this illuminating course. Join Brian Neese as he explores Christology, the study of Jesus as a person, with a focus on His nature and essence. This short course examines not just what Jesus did, but who He was and is, the nature of Jesus Christ, accepted theories on this, and other relevant implications.

Introduction to Hair Color Theory

[enroll] This course is designed for anyone wanting to delve into modern hair coloring techniques. Professional hair stylist Dawn Cressman reviews a brief history of hair color and explores the structure of hair, gray coverage, safety issues, different types of color, and application techniques. The class is designed for newcomers to the salon industry, cosmetology students, color clients and as a refresher for experienced hair stylists.

Writing for Fun and Profit

[enroll] Move your writing career forward on a fast track while having fun doing it! Mentored by writing instructor Gloria Oren, this class focuses on the nonfiction market, where good writers are always in demand. Students will learn how to research and write interviews, news stories and reviews; how to get organized and work efficiently; how to know when a manuscript is ready to send; and how to cope with (and avoid) rejection slips. If you want to begin writing your own recipe for success, this course is your first step!

Young Adult Novel Writing for Beginners

[enroll] Some of the hottest novels on the market, such as the Twilight saga and classics like The Catcher in the Rye, are in the Young Adult genre. Learn how to write in this genre in this class led by YA novelist and blogger Candace Ganger. Learn how to create a submission-ready YA novel one step at a time. For writers who still remember what those butterflies, first kisses and high school memories were all about, this class fast tracks the creative process, from initial brainstorming to finding the perfect agent.

Recovery from Abuse

[enroll] This course delves into the steps to recovery from various forms of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. It is not intended as a one-size-fits-all model but rather is a guide to help advance the process of healing and recovery. Instructor Stephanie Romero examines important steps a person can take, changes in thinking, and new perspectives that can aid in this recovery process. The class is suitable for a wide audience that includes abuse victims on the road to recovery; friends and family faced with situations of trying to help abuse victims; and professionals who now work with abuse victims or may work with them in the future.

Introduction to the Tarot

[enroll] Are you curious about Tarot cards? Have you read a few books that left you confused by vague and conflicting meanings? Indulge your curiosity with this fascinating course by Tarot expert Amy Tripp. Explore the basics of how to do a Tarot card reading and delve into the colorful symbolism of the Major and Minor Arcana. Even if you've never held a Tarot deck before, this class will teach you everything you need to start doing accurate readings and unlock the timeless wisdom of this fascinating oracle.

The Art of Writing Horror

[enroll] Author, educator and horror novelist Laurie Notch explores the art of writing horror fiction that will get published. The course examines how to write horror fiction that will keep readers turning pages. Learn how to structure your plot so your story flows from beginning to end; create tension, conflict and cliffhangers; use dialogue to reveal a character's evil motives, set a scarey mood, create fear, and heighten suspense. Whether you yearn to write about ghosts, creepy dolls, insane asylums or terrifying maniacs, this writing workshop will help you turn the horror in everyday life into a potential bestseller.

How to Brand Your Product or Company

[enroll] Why do consumers pay more for an Apple iPhone when they could buy a generic phone with similar features for less? The answer to this intriguing question lies in the power of branding. In this course, marketing expert Barry Silverstein reveals how a small business or entrepreneur can create, improve and market their brand. Whether your business is large or small, global or local, you'll discover a wealth of new insights you can use to create a winning image for your company and products.

Memoir Writing: The Journey to Me

[enroll] Discover practical ways to bring the story teller within you to life! The memoir is the most popular and expressive literary form of our time. A memoir, in the simplest of terms, is your story. Some have described it as a written scrapbook of memories. In this class, you will learn how to record the unforgettable events in your life and turn your story into a captivating memoir. This course is mentored by instructor Catherine Lamberg.

Fantasy Writing Workshop

[enroll] Learn the basics of writing a short fantasy story. Author Andrea Stanet delves into issues unique to this genre such as creating worlds, creatures and magic systems. The course presents an overview of the different sub-categories of Fantasy genre and ends with the student completing a short fantasy story. Learn how to create an enchanting tale that will leave your readers spellbound!

How to Date in a Healthy Way

[enroll] Discover the roadblocks preventing you from building a lasting relationship in this short course packed with tips on dating and evaluating the health of your love relationships. Learn how to conduct your own personal inventory to discover who you are and what you want in a relationship; recognize why you are losing at love by clinging to the wrong people; make yourself more appealing to others, and how to build your self-esteem in today's beauty-obsessed culture. Dating maven and songwriter Melanie Clark wrote this course for KSURF and mentors the class.

Writing A Romance Novel

[enroll] Learn how to write a romance novel in this hands-on course led by multi-published romance novelist Leigh Barbour. Students who complete the writing assignments will have laid the foundation to write their own category romance novel. Topics covered include an overview of the romance publishing industry, types of romance novels, characterization and plots, settings, viewpoints, description, narrative and style, dialogue, sensuality, pacing, revision, and a look at marketing.

Writing As A Healing Art

[enroll] Writing is more than just a way to share our thoughts with others: it is a tool we can use for empowerment, healing and self-discovery. In this 9-unit course, London-based holistic teacher Callie Carling explores the use of writing as a healing art. Each lesson presents a useful technique, a writing prompt designed to promote self-healing, helpful tips to get your creative juices flowing, and inspirational readings.

How to Save and Invest Wisely

[enroll] Financial planner Chuck Weinstein examines high- and low-risk alternatives for saving and investing wisely. Lessons delve into the pros and cons of savings accounts, CDs, money market accounts, bonds, mutual funds and other investing strategies. Take the first step to financial security and independence in this fact-filled workshop.

Principles of Strategic Management

[enroll] How do we grow a business and please customers? What's the best way to increase income and sales? Who are our competitors and what strategic moves will business rivals make next? In this course, financial guru Jason Willoughby examines the evolution of strategic management, how to develop strategies, and how to develop a strategic plan using the SWOT Analysis method. Strategy analysis tools and the process of executing company strategies are also examined.

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