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Grant Writing 101 Class Offered by Virtual University
Veteran nonprofit consultant will teach beginning grant writers
how to move projects from concept to funding.

by Justine Flaherty

January 30, 2012 — A crash course on grant writing for beginners is being offered at Virtual University. The course is designed for novice grant writers and e-learners wishing to develop a job skill highly valued in the government and nonprofit sectors. The curriculum developer and instructor is Dr. Linda Sapp-Cox, a veteran grant writer and nonprofit consultant with more than 50 years of experience in the field.

The Grant Writing 101 e-course includes seven fact-filled curriculum units focusing on: The ABCs of Grant Writing, Nonprofit Terminology, Researching and Writing the Needs Assessment, Budgets and Grant Writing, 10-Point Plan for Grant Funding Proposals, and Nonprofit Business Development.

In addition to the core curriculum, Dr. Sapp-Cox brings five decades of experience in grant writing and nonprofit consultancy to her virtual classroom. She enjoys the role of mentoring, helping students learn how to research and write a winning grant proposal, move an idea forward and successfully obtain funding.

“A savvy grant writer should become the eyes, ears and conscience of the nonprofit organization,” advises Dr. Sapp-Cox. “Research and passion are key ingredients of any application.”

Registration for the Grant Writing 101 class is $30.00 and no textbook purchase is required. Browse to for further information about the course and convenient enrollment.

Hosted by KSURF's Virtual University, the course is delivered on a dynamic e-learning platform that allows students around the world to work from home and learn at their own pace in a feature-rich environment. Virtual classrooms are open 24/7, and participants have up to three months to complete the coursework. Students who pass a final exam can apply for continuing education units and a certificate of completion.

In addition to the Grant Writing 101 course, Virtual University offers a wide selection of classes exploring today's in-demand subjects. Visit for a current list of e-course offerings and enrollment details.

About Virtual University

Virtual University is a friendly and supportive e-learning community that offers more than 100 courses on a wide variety of subjects including HTML and Web design, technology, creative and nonfiction writing, self-help/inspirational topics, and academic subjects. Courses are offered for continuing education, corporate training and self-improvement. Virtual University can be reached on the Web at

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