Screenwriting for Beginners – Online Course Announced
In this fact-filled course, a veteran screenwriter reveals
what beginners should know to break in to this lucrative market.

by Justine Flaherty

Screenwriter and multi-book
author Skip Press

August 30, 2011 – Enrollment is now open for Your Screenwriting Career, an online course for aspiring screenwriters taught by veteran Hollywood screenwriter, instructor and multi-book author Skip Press. The course is offered by Virtual University on the KSURF Knowledge Web, a global e-learning community.

The course curriculum is comprised of 24 high-quality lessons covering topics such as: The Life of Hollywood, The Evolution of Screenwriting, Inside the Hero's Heart, Inside the Villain's Brain, Making the Perfect Screenplay Better, and Getting Your Script Out to People Who Matter. Beginning screenwriters will gain an insider view of business and industry trends as well as valuable insights into how a screenplay is structured. Students who complete the class and pass a final exam can earn CEU credits.

Your Screenwriting Career is taught in a virtual classroom environment developed by KSURF that combines downloadable course materials, a discussion board, streaming news, video clips and a blog. Instructor Skip Press taught this course at UCLA Extension Writers Program, and for the past eight years, the class was offered through an extension program at 1,500 colleges around the country, attracting thousands of writers.

Online learning has skyrocketed in popularity, and KSURF's e-learning platform offers distinct advantages over a traditional classroom. There's no waiting for classes to begin – students can enroll and start learning immediately. The instructor's "office" is open 24/7 and students can work at their own pace from the comfort of home. In addition, unlike most classrooms where students depart after finishing a course, KSURF's innovative "open learning" platform encourages graduates to remain involved and share knowledge and resources with fellow e-learners.

Further information about the course and one-click enrollment details can be found at

About Skip Press

Over the 25-year span of his career, Skip Press has written television episodes, produced stage plays and worked as a staff writer for United Paramount Network. He published three editions of Writer's Guide to Hollywood Producers, and his Directors and Screenwriter's Agents became a Hollywood how-to bible for aspiring screenwriters. His subsequent book, Complete Idiot’s Guide to Screenwriting, was rated best of its kind by the Writers Guild of Canada. A single dad, Press lives with his teenagers on the outskirts of beautiful downtown Burbank, California.

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