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Free Writing Workshop Launches  (20 August 2012)

A free writing workshop has been launched by Write Now!, an e-learning community developed by Virtual University and hosted on the KSURF Network. The workshop is open to writers in all genre, both fiction and nonfiction, and all skill levels ...

KSURF Releases Free News Widget and "News Desk" Web Application  (10 May 2012)

NewsWave doubles as a free news widget that can add fresh content to any blog or website, and an expanded "news desk" that allows Web surfers to browse breaking news from across the Web with a few mouse clicks.

Free Writing Class Announced: Break the Block!  (8 Mar 2012)

Writer's block can leave a person staring at a blank screen, frustrated and unable to write. This free class explores proven methods to help writers break the block and get their creative juices flowing.

Grant Writing 101 e-Course Announced  (31 Jan 2012)

Veteran nonprofit consultant will teach beginning grant writers how to write a winning grant proposal and move projects forward from concept to successful funding.

Screenwriting for Beginners Online Course Announced  (30 Aug 2011)

Taught by veteran Hollywood screenwriter and multi-title author Skip Press, this introductory class explores the business of screenwriting and delves into what beginners must know to break into this lucrative writing market.

Digital Photography Class for Beginners Offered by Virtual University  (22 Feb 2011)

Photojournalist Ron Kness reveals how to make sense of digital camera menus and take vivid, high-quality pictures in a new online course.

Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writing Course Offered at Virtual University  (21 Feb 2011)

Online class reveals how to write short stories and novels in the wildly popular genre of 'Harry Potter' and the 'Twilight' saga.

February 2011 Calendar of Classes Announced  (1 Sep 2010)

Our February Calendar has been announced. Our latest new addition to our lineup of high-quality e-courses is Grant Writing 101. Browse our calendar, choose your classes, and start learning today!

Christian Studies Course Offered at Virtual University  (18 Oct 2010)

Instructor Brian Neese calls upon his theology training to decipher the nature and essence of Jesus Christ

Horror Writing Course Offered by Noted Author and Educator at Virtual University  (13 Sep 2010)

Virtual University has announced a new addition to its catalog of online writing courses. "The Art of Writing Horror" explores a popular genre of fiction and will teach writers how to spin chilling tales of horror for fun and profit.

Online Course Reveals Practical Insights into Personal Finance, Saving, and Investing  (3 Aug 2010)

Financial expert will teach online course on personal finance to help individuals save more, invest wisely, and grow their retirement nest eggs.

Branding and Marketing Expert to Teach Online Class at KSURF  (20 July 2010)

A veteran branding and marketing expert will teach an online course offering small businesses the opportunity to learn the secrets of big company branding.

KSURF Announces Summer Courses for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Investors  (08 July 2010)

KSURF has added new courses on marketing, business management, and personal investing to help entrepreneurs and small investors survive and prosper in these difficult economic times.

Free e-Class Reveals How to Protect Against Phishing Attacks and Identity Theft  (14 May 2010)

A free online class revealing how Web users can protect against phishing attacks and identity theft will be offered this summer at KSURF. Enrollments will be accepted through June 30.

Romance Writers Turn Love Into Money  (1 May 2010)

Meet Leigh Barbour, who joins the Webversity team this month and read about her new class on Writing A Romance Novel That Will Get Published. 

Webversity Welcomes New Instructors  (1 May 2010)

We are pleased to welcome three new instructors to the KSURF Webversity community! Meet Callie Carling, Chuck Weinstein, and Sara Salas.