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Meet Skip Press

Screenwriter and author Skip Press began teaching at UCLA Extension Writers Program in 1992 with How To Write What You Want & Sell What You Write, which became his first published writing book. The electronic version of this book was a finalist in the first Epic Awards for ebooks in the U.S. Three editions of Skip's Writer's Guide to Hollywood Producers, Directors & Screenwriter Agents became Hollywood "how-to" bibles for the industry and put him in touch with aspiring writers around the world.

Skip's Complete Idiotís Guide to Screenwriting was reviewed as best of its kind by the Writers Guild of Canada and translated into Russian and published by Triumph Publishing of Moscow. He quips: "You don't read Russian? Me neither, but they actually paid for the rights."

Giving Hollywood advice led to Skip being asked to create an eCourse on Your Screenwriting Career. He taught the course online for eight years through an extension program at 1,500 colleges around the country. Thousands of aspiring writers are graduates of the course.

Skip teaches an online course at KSURF Virtual University on Your Screenwriting Career .

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