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Meet Ron Kness

Veteran photographer and author Ron Kness has contributed images and articles to a diverse variety of print and Web magazines including Sun Country Airlines, Trailer Life, Affordable Travel,, Real Kids, and Travel Thru History. He has authored three ebooks on photography: The No Nonsense Guide to Digital Photography, The Non-Fiction Writer’s Guide to Digital Photography, and How To Improve Your Travel Photography. Kness has also ghost-written three other e-books: How to Make Money With Photography, How to Make Even More Money With Photography, and How to Make Money Selling Micro-Stock.

In addition to his online classes at KSURF, Kness teaches two digital photography courses – Beginning Digital Photography and Totally Digital – in a traditional classroom setting for a local adult community education program. He has authored a photography column for Writer’s Journal magazine for the past eleven years.

Ron currently teaches one class at Virtual University:
A Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography .

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