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Meet Melanie Clark

Author/instructor Melanie Clark began her career as a songwriter, singer, and actress at the height of the 1960s counterculture, a generation defined by Woodstock, the sexual revolution, and a “do it if it feels good” mantra. Her life experiences have given her a unique perspective and rich insights into the dynamics of human relationships, which she has decided to share by teaching online.

In her new KSURF course, How to Date in A Healthy Way, Melanie explores common relationship problems and their causes. She offers sage wisdom and down-to-earth advice that your own mother might say: “To find the love of your life, you must learn to love yourself first.”

As a songwriter, Melanie’s music has been published in Los Angeles and Nashville, and she has composed over 250 songs. The 1970s band, Fifth Dimension, recorded two of her songs, and her song Life is a Blessing was used for a documentary on child abuse.

Melanie lives in Portland, Oregon, with her three cats. Her motto: “Don’t settle for less when you deserve the best!”

Melanie teaches one class at KSURF's Virtual University: How to Date In A Healthy Way .

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