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Meet Dr. Linda Sapp-Cox

Dr. Linda Sapp-Cox is a Native American whose background in social work and the nonprofit sector spans 50+ years as a volunteer, consultant, board member, program designer, grant writer and paid staffer. She has expertise in researching and writing grants of all shapes and sizes. She holds a Ph.D. in Native American Studies, Master's degrees in American History and Social Work, and a certification in Gerontology Studies from the University of Nevada.

Dr. Sapp-Cox has organized more than 80 nonprofit entities with financial planning and grant support for a variety of projects and programs since 1953. She is founder of the Nonprofit Business Development Training Center in Nevada. She developed nonprofit business curriculum that is still taught at the Community College of Southern Nevada and the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus. She has taught nonprofit development at both colleges.

Internationally, Dr. Sapp-Cox has designed programs and taught preschool teachers to develop programs for disabled toddlers in Qatar and she has developed nursing programs for AIDS clinics funded by the World Health Organization in Africa. She has written and coordinated grant programs for Native Americans in the U.S. on reservations and living in urban areas throughout the Southwest and Midwest. Many of these were health care grants to establish clinics for families of children with juvenile diabetes.

Dr. Sapp-Cox teaches one classes at KSURF Virtual University: Grant Writing 101

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