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Meet Leigh Barbour

Leigh Barbour is a multi-title romance novelist. Her published books include Zebulon, Raquel's Abel, and Dreams of Chimborazo.

"If you read my books, you'll read about ghosts. I just love them!" Leigh admits. Her latest romance novel, Jade Seas, is about a swashbuckling Spanish privateer named Alejandro Valdivia de la Torre Jones who meets the woman of his dreams in a graveyard and insists he isn't dead even though his tombstone says he is.

Leigh earned a Masters in English Linguistics at George Mason University and a Bachelors in Geography from Radford University. Being fluent in Spanish, she won the prestigious Fulbright Fellows Award as an English Teaching Fellow. In 1994, she spent one year instructing teachers in Arequipa, Peru.

Completing a novel and seeing it published is one of the great joys in life, Leigh says, adding that she enjoys teaching and working with students of all ages. "I love teaching people skills they can use to better their lives."

After traveling extensively in Latin America, Leigh settled with her husband in Durham, North Carolina, where she spends her days reading, writing, teaching, and tending her Japanese garden and Bassett hounds.

Leigh teaches the online course Writing A Romance Novel That Will Get Published at KSURF Virtual University.

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