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Meet Dawn Cressman

Dawn Cressman is a graduate of Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences in Johnstown PA. As a salon professional with 12 years of experience in the industry, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Dawn attends many continuing education classes and hair shows. She plans to pursue a teaching credential, and she currently works at a salon in central Pennsylvania.

Dawn writes regularly about beauty tips and trends, mostly for Web publications. Her course Introduction to Hair Color Theory & Techniques was written for the novice hairstylist; however, Dawn notes, hair color is a difficult concept for many new stylists to understand. Once she started writing the course, she realized that anyone could learn the basic concepts of hair structure and color application methods. So, even if you are not a stylist, hair color is an interesting process to learn about. The next time you visit your stylist, you can go with the confidence that you understand the process of hair color.

Dawn currently teaches one class at Virtual University: Introduction to Hair Coloring

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