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Meet Chuck Weinstein

Chuck Weinstein, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, has been a financial advisor since 1984. He has designed retirement and estate plans involving insurance and investment products for a wide variety of businesses and individuals. He is licensed to sell all types of insurance and securities in New York and California. He was a trainer of insurance agents for 15+ years and has taught university courses on personal financial planning and business continuation planning.

Chuck says he teaches because he enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone who is interested in learning more about financial matters. He says he has the ability to break down complicated subjects into easy to understand bites.

In his personal life, Chuck is a family history researcher and has spoken before numerous genealogical groups. He has documented his own family back to 17th century eastern Europe and has helped many others find their pasts. He also enjoys outdoors activities, reading, and surfing news and science-related sites on the Web. A native of Los Angeles, CA, and long time resident of the San Francisco Bay area, he now lives in Deer Park, NY, on Long Island.

Chuck currently teaches How to Save and Invest Wisely and Personal Finance 101 at KSURF Virtual University.

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