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Meet Candace Ganger

Candace Ganger is a freelance copy editor, stay-at-home mother of one tenacious princess and avid blogger whose articles have been featured on various websites including Phys Org, Shopping Nanny, Quick Books Pro, and others. She is a winner of the 2010 Sourcebooks/Teenfire Writing Competition and has written an edgy Youn Adult novel she's shopping to agents while working on the next one.

Prior to pursuing a career in writing, Candace worked for five years as a musician, publicist and small town socialite. These experiences provide the inspiration for stories, both fiction and real. She is an avid supporter of the nonprofit groups TWLOHA, which provides support for individuals struggling with depression, addiction and self-injury, and, a site dedicated to global empowerment of women and children through micro-loans. When she's not covered in peanut butter and toddler stickers, she enjoys reading, writing, and all things rock n' roll.

Candace Ganger teaches one course at KSURF's Virtual University: Your Adult Novel Writing for Beginners

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