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Meet Brian Neese

Brian Neese obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Philosopy from American Public University. He will receive his Master of Theology in Systematic and Philosophical Theology from the University of Wales in July, 2010. Philosophy and theology, particularly Christian philosophy, is where Brianís interests are found, especially in the topic of Christian love, Kierkegaard, and related topics.

Also a freelance writer, Brian developed his Christology course as a way to connect his academic background to his writing interests. The course is also representative of his faith. Outside of his writing and academic endeavors, he enjoys reading, music, sports, and writing for pleasure. During his college years, Brian worked at a daycare center, which he still enjoys visiting and being involved in instilling Godís gift in children.

Brian lives in Rockford, Illinois, where he spends his days writing and spending time with his girlfriend Cortney and their loved ones.

Brian currently teaches Christology at KSURF and he is developing several other courses for the future.

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