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Founded in 1995, VU is the oldest e-learning community on the Internet. More than five million learners from 128 countries have attended classes at our virtual campus.

There's an inside joke among programmers: When they say, "It'll be done in a few weeks," it usually means a few months. That held true for the Virtual University website renovation, which we thought would take a few months, and it took more than a year to bring VU into the 21st century!

We're happy to say that the new VU website is up and running. We've moved back to VU.ORG where it all began 20 years ago (yes, it's our 20-Year Anniversary in October!) Please take a few minutes to explore the site, and invite your friends and co-workers to stop by and create a free desk!

Explore Virtual University and learn something new today!

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Trivia Wave

People love trivia games, so give your blog or website readers a challenging game of Trivia Wave! A great way to learn new facts about our world.
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Weird News!

Display offbeat news on your blog or website and give your readers a daily dose of the unexpected! Installs with a quick copy and paste. View demo or get the code

Heat Wave

What's hot on the Web right now? Heat Wave gives your visitors a quick look at what's trending on YouTube, Hulu, Google Search and world news sites. Available in two color styles to compliment your site.

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I Love Books!

Give your readers this handy tool to search 10 million Google Books fast. Search can be limited to free eBooks. App also shows real-time bestsellers, plus free daily Kindle downloads.
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Add real-time news to your blog or website! Display headlines from top news sites and blogs. Choose from 550+ feeds in 20 categories including World News, Technology, Free Stuff, Money, Crime, Health, Travel, Leisure and Jobs. Five sizes to fit any space on your page. Create a news widget!

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